While I don't have a very large house, it is shaped in a way where there are many walls and rooms, and using a traditional one-router setup has been pretty good overall, it could use improvement. I've been using an ASUS RT-AC68 for the past few years in conjunction with the FIOS router and modem in-one device. The ASUS would handle all the WiFi and just serve as a bridged access point. The far reaches of the opposite corners of my home had trouble connecting depending on the device. 

I've been considering bumping up to a mesh network of sorts for the past couple of years, but didn't make the plunge yet. I recently found out about ASUS's approach to mesh networking, especially if you have one the compatible routers (as I do) where you can add another one and that will utilize ASUS's AiMesh technology. MicroCenter was having a sale on these routers so I decided to go for it and see if it'd improve my specific weak areas. 

While it was relatively easy to set up, most of my devices, even after power-cycling would still connect to my main router that was still on the opposite side of the house. I tried placing the 2nd ASUS router in various spots to see if it'd help but almost all my devices sans for my iPhone X would switch over. This clearly wasn't working as intended. Back to MicroCenter this 2nd ASUS router would go.

Coincidentally, a friend asked me on Twitter if Google WiFi was a good bet, and if they should get it. I inquired a bit and suggested Eero, Linksys Velop, or even Netgear's Orbi. And just like that, the CEO of Eero (Nick Weaver) asked me to Direct Message him. He gave me a $50-off Eero discount code and within 48 hours I was setting them up.

Twitter DM Conversation

Setting it up is just as easy as they advertise, it's all done simply and easily using their mobile app. I purchased the $399 version for 1 Eero and 2 beacons. Within a matter of minutes, I was up and running, my devices were re-connecting, and I began my little non-scientific testing. Suffice to say, I'm very pleased with the results. Aside from one spot in the Living Room which was directly underneath where the main router sits, the speeds were far better using Eero.

Now that I've been using the Eero system for just about the past 2 months, I can safely say that the system does exactly what it advertises. I don't find myself experiencing 'dead zones.' In fact, I get coverage all the way out to the street, in my car, and all the way to edge of my property line in my backyard. As advertised, it is truly whole-house networking and then some. If I move to a larger home in the near future (highly unlikely) I could just add more beacons as needed.

Did I mention the devices themselves are beautiful? The beacons that plug right into the wall also support an automatic night light when it gets dark out. It's perfect. I highly recommend the Eero mesh network for anyone looking to get better WiFi at home. (None of the aforementioned is a paid advertisement, but I do appreciate getting a discount code when placing my order.)

Eero Beacon.jpg