I was fortunate enough to pre-order around 3AM last week. While the pre-ordering system still has much to be desired, specifically the time, I was lucky to be part of the Apple Upgrade Program and secured a pick up on launch day.

My reservation time was between 10:30AM - 11:00AM this morning, and as I walked into the mall, in front of the Apple Store I saw a long line of folks wrapped around the makeshift barriers. I immediately regretted my decision but then noticed there were two lines.

"WAITING" versus "RESERVATIONS!" Success. There was only one person on the Reservations line and when I showed up, I was actually there for my time slot so I got to jump the line and was assisted immediately. Within 5 minutes I was setting up my new iPhone X and trading in my iPhone 7 Plus. I also picked up an Apple brown leather case. 

First impressions:

- The build quality is outstanding. The weightiness of the glass is just unbeatable. It just feels like a premium device.

- The iPhone X is fast and super responsive.

- I don't miss TouchID at all. I'm retraining myself to not have to think about TouchID, but Apple was right. FaceID is fast, effective, and I have not experienced any issues with it thus far.

- The front-facing camera is so much better now, and taking a Portrait-selfie with Studio lighting is neat.

- I used it to make an actual phone call, and tying in the feel of it, just by holding it up to my ear - even that experience felt better.

- I wasn't sure how I'd feel about going back down to the width of a 6/6s/7/8 but this new form factor is perfect. If you've got the means, and want to make the jump, go all in.

iPhone X and Leather Case