When  Nintendo had originally announced the Switch, I was a bit skeptical especially after the rather poor adoption of the Wii U. Another “tablet” based gaming system? When was Nintendo going to come to terms with their approach? To be honest though, the Wii U is a good system. Nintendo just forgot how to market itself. I still believe had they called it the Super Wii, it would’ve done so much better. 

Anyway, when the Switch was announced I preordered immediately because I don’t want to miss the hype train. However just a day or two after, I canceled my preorder because as much as I would love to play Zelda I knew I just wouldn’t have the time necessary for it right away. Besides, I just want to really get my hands on the new Mario hotness but that won’t be out until the fall. 

Well, here we are in the fall and I preordered the Mario Odyssey bundle. I picked it up on its launch, knowing that my family and I would be going up to a nice Airbnb in upstate New York for a weekend getaway just in case we had some downtime or if there was inclement weather. I bought an extra Joy-Con and Bomberman as I have a lot of fond memories of playing that multiplayer for hours on end back in the day.  


We arrive at the Airbnb and realize there’s no TV here. Normally this is fine but the weather forecast calls for the entire second half of the weekend to be filled with heavy rain. The 10-Year old boy and I spent a couple of hours playing Bomberman on the Switch itself with its built-in kickstand, all wirelessly at the kitchen table. It was such a fun and on-the-spot experience. Money well spent and we were highly entertained in such a compact yet accessible size.

Although my sample size is relatively small, I’d say the Switch’s unique approach to gaming has immediately proved its worth to me and my family. I truly hope third parties continue to develop for the Switch and updates are made regularly. From what I’ve read and things I continuously hear from friends and coworkers, it seems Nintendo hit it out of the park this time. I’ll write a more in depth follow up at a later time.