I typically wait until one of the tfot domains are expiring to breathe some new life into this blog. Sadly, I've never been able to keep up. I partly blame the fact that it's been on Blogger for so long and I'm not paying anything for it, that it's just a nice-to-have. Of course - paying for the domains isn't nothing, but it's not that much that I feel bad about not posting.

So, I've decided to make the jump to Squarespace, so I can have more control over the layout, design, and if I stick with it, I'll need to ensure I'm paying for the service. So, if I am paying on a monthly to annual basis for the site itself, perhaps that will change my tune.

I truly do hope so. I am constantly reading about tech, and am immersed in all facets of it left and right, but often forget to jot down my thoughts. I hope I can change that. Thanks for bearing with me. Hopefully I give you a reason to see what I'm writing.

Additionally, I enlisted the help of my good friend, Christian to assist with creating a new logo so I can actually make this into a sort of brand. Nothing too fancy or flashy, but I very much like the minimalistic logo and approach. Thanks Christian!

The Faculty of Thinking Logo-01.png