In 2018, while my iPhone XS can do things all these other devices could only dream of, AT&T claims > 99% US coverage, and my phone will display LTE or 4G and I’ll have 2-3 bars or more of service, but the network is so saturated, that it’s often unusable. A data connection simply won’t be made. I don’t understand how this is such a common issue, especially on Long Island still.

We’re pilotfish surrounding leviathans.

And as often as I tried to customize my feed and alter my ‘experience’, many more giants surfaced. The inescapable culture of sharing videos, of ads following those up, and behind those ads, many more promoted posts which are just ads in disguise.

Now that I've been using the Eero system for just about the past 2 months, I can safely say that the system does exactly what it advertises. I don't find myself experiencing 'dead zones.' In fact, I get coverage all the way out to the street, in my car, and all the way to edge of my property line in my backyard. As advertised, it is truly whole-house networking and then some.

Performance has been stellar. The screen is outstanding. Speakers are great, especially for a laptop. I have my laptop connected to LG's 5K UltraFine Display via a single Thunderbolt 3 port which not only handles all audio and video (including HD camera) via the single cable, it the monitor also charges the laptop all through the single cable. It's pretty impressive. I would've much rather preferred an Apple-made display, but you take what you can get. 

I’ve said this all along. If you are content with your iPhone 6(+)/6s(+)/7(+), then you probably don’t need to make a jump. If the 6 feels a little long in the tooth, consider the 8 or 8+. The entire new lineup is pretty great. 

The 10-Year old boy and I spent a couple of hours playing Bomberman on the Switch itself with its built-in kickstand, all wirelessly at the kitchen table. It was such a fun and on-the-spot experience. Money well spent and we were highly entertained in such a compact yet accessible size.

But when the Xbox One was announced my jaded demeanor quickly began to fade, conquered by the allure of the Kinect.  Well more specifically it was the combination of the Kinect with Xbox’s multimedia integration that piqued my interest.  The prospect of turning on my television moving from cable to Netflix, pausing my show to start it again all without ever picking up my controller was compelling to me.  I had some friends who wanted the new system and I looked forward to playing with them online but in my mind the worst case scenario even if that didn’t pan out I’d get all the use from the voice command function.

So, I've decided to make the jump to Squarespace, so I can have more control over the layout, design, and if I stick with it, I'll need to ensure I'm paying for the service. So, if I am paying on a monthly to annual basis for the site itself, perhaps that will change my tune.